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Have you truly considered carpet for your floors?

There are lots of things to consider about your new flooring, and when that flooring is carpet, those things are very specific. With tons of features that make it more appealing than ever before, you can truly personalize your floors and make them your own. The appearance options are vast, the durability worthy, and the lifespan is very acceptable. When you put everything together, you have a floor covering that is perfect for many rooms in your home, with benefits you'll fall in love with.

The Floor Doctors has been helping floor the homes of our customers since 2004 and we look forward to helping you with your project as well. Our high-quality floor coverings and related products can fit into nearly every budget, while our professional associates and installers can help breathe life into them, no matter what your specific requirements. For the communities of Des Moines, Urban Dale, Grimes, Waukee, and Ankeny, our Des Moines, IA showroom has been a beacon for all who need flooring services. We'd be honored if you'd visit too.

Carpet you can sink your toes into

The plush, soft, exotic underfoot feel of carpet flooring is one of the things that most quickly draws homeowners to this material in the first place. That same characteristic is available in many products, with some of the softest, silk-like fibers available. In the past, if a homeowner wanted durable, stain-resistant flooring, they had to accept a lesser level of softness, but that is no longer the case. Some manufacturers have been able to create fibers that both protect and offer amazing underfoot softness.

Durability has always seemed elusive in the carpet world. Now, just like with softness and stain resistance working together in the same fiber, so durability can be reached as well. For instance, many floor coverings in this line have an excellent twist and the ability to bounce back, even after great amounts of traffic have passed over it. This is an important characteristic in a home where your level of in-home traffic exceeds normal limits.

When you think about installation, be sure to consider professional installation a must. Special tools are necessary to successfully install this material, and so is a good deal of personal experience. A professional installation team has both and more, and that equates to a beautifully finished flooring project in your own home, to your specifications.

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