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Kitchen remodeling


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How to upgrade your kitchen

It doesn't have to be a complete top-to-bottom kitchen remodeling with layout changes and moved gas and plumbing lines. Sometimes new countertops or a backsplash can brighten up the room and even make it look lighter, brighter, and airier. Just be sure you do it in order, so everything coordinates well, and there are no height or configuration problems.

Floors or cabinets first?

Generally, the cabinets are placed first. There are standard floor heights, which can create problems with the cabinets, such as doors and drawers not opening correctly. Even worse, the appliances attached to the subfloor can get "trapped," so the only alternative when you need to replace them is to tear up the flooring. When the cabinets are placed first, the flooring can be cut around the cabinets, saving some money; if you install the flooring first, there will be quite a bit under the cabinets where no one can see it.

Now for the countertops

While the cabinets should be placed before anything, it doesn't matter whether counters go before or after appliances. Although you may need to make some minor adjustments an appliance is a tight fit, they don't alter the counter configuration. There are many counter materials from which to choose, including stone, tile, concrete, laminate, and more. The type of counter will determine how it's installed; for example, a granite slab might need a plywood base, while some tile manufacturers require a concrete one. If the existing counter is laminate, flat, and in good shape, you can install it on top; most others have to come off.

The backsplash

Tile is still the most popular backsplash material. With the assortment of colors, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes, something unique can be created. Backsplashes are no longer five or six inches behind the range or sink. They can extend from floor-to-ceiling, wrap-around windows, and open storage or become one or two-inch strips to cover the gap between cabinets and counters. This should be the last thing on your project list, and you may even want to shop with cabinets and counter samples to coordinate.

One of the biggest questions for a kitchen remodeling is, "should I paint before or after?" While you may need to do a little touching up, dripping paint on a floor can be an absolute disaster! We've been providing quality products, flooring repair, countertop installation, and tile design to homeowners, contractors, builders, and realtors since 2004. We hope to see you at the The Floor Doctors showroom in Des Moines, IA, serving areas in and around Des Moines, IA, Urbandale, IA, Grimes, IA, Waukee, IA and Ankeny, IA.